SCHÖNES LEBEN Group endorses nine new building sites in cooperation with the LINDHORST group of companies
Ulm / Winsen (Aller), 13 March 2019 – The SCHÖNES LEBEN Group will continue to expand in central, western, northern and eastern Germany. With that in mind, contracts were recently signed with the LINDHORST group of companies. A total of nine new construction projects will start in 2019, one of which will already be completed this year. With this expansion, SCHÖNES LEBEN is continuing to strengthen its market position throughout Germany.
Following the acquisitions in 2018 of the care specialists compassio in southern Germany, Gut Köttenich Group in North Rhine-Westphalia and A&R GmbH with locations in Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria, SCHÖNES LEBEN continues to grow. Four new sites are being built in Lower Saxony, in Delmenhorst, Seevetal, Alfeld and Wilhelmshaven. In addition, further nursing facilities are being planned with Extertal (NRW) and Mayen (Rhineland-Palatinate). Modern residential homes for senior citizens are also being built in Gotha (Thuringia), Schwerin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) and Gladbeck (NRW). All locations are impressive due to their excellent location.
The SCHÖNES LEBEN Group is taking a further step toward organic growth with the creation of an outstanding platform for geriatric care, new forms of residential living for the elderly and new types of services for people aged 65 and over. „Our goal is to become the most modern provider of services for the elderly. With this in mind, we want to set new market standards and trends in the areas of nursing, modern accommodations and a full range of services,“ says Marc Hildebrand, CEO of the SCHÖNES LEBEN Group. The services provided by SCHÖNES LEBEN are not only aimed at people in need of care, Hildebrand emphasizes, but also at people after retirement who want to lead an eventful and active life.
„With the LINDHORST group of companies, we have an experienced, competent partner for the new buildings that can implement our high standards for residential and nursing home properties in an exceptional manner: Modern nursing and residential services in new properties, with special architecture, equipment and interior design,“ says Marc Hildebrand.
„We have been planning, building and operating senior citizen residences for over 20 years. Our senior citizens‘ residences with the look and feel of a hotel are characterized by their exclusive interior and exterior design features. Our quality standards are therefore well in line with the strategy of the SCHÖNES LEBEN Group,“ says Alexander Lindhorst, Managing Director of the LINDHORST Group.
Construction of the new sites is scheduled to start in the second half of 2019. Completion will take place successively starting in mid-2020, with the Mayen site already going into operation at the end of 2019. As a result, the SCHÖNES LEBEN Group will be increasing its capacity to care for 800 more senior citizens and adding 209 apartments as well as new accommodations for three staff members.

About the LINDHORST group of companies

The LINDHORST group of companies with its headquarters in Winsen (Aller) is a medium-sized fourth-generation family-owned business operating in the fields of agriculture, bioenergy, real estate, nursing and healthcare centers.
LINDHORST has been developing, building and operating nursing facilities in Germany for 20 years. The company focuses on commissioning new, subsidized construction in accordance with the requirements of modern, individualized care facilities built especially for this purpose.



The SCHÖNES LEBEN Group is a portfolio company of the independent private equity investment company Waterland. The goal of the company is to create a platform that offers services to people over 65 who want to lead more active and purposeful lives. The first pillar of the company is geriatric care – administered by the care specialist compassio with headquarters in Ulm. The SCHÖNES LEBEN Group will increase its capacity to care for over 4,500 senior citizens with residential apartments in the Gut Köttenich Group, the A+R Betriebsgesellschaft and other locations already secured by rental agreements.

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