The GUT Köttenich Group, a subsidiary of the SCHÖNES LEBEN Group, opened a new senior citizens‘ residence „Am Wingert“ in Düren-Gürzenich in North Rhine-Westphalia on the edge of the Eifel. The new building with 80 inpatient beds, 32 apartments, ten bungalows with optional services and an outpatient intensive care unit (AKIP) was built on the site of a former sawmill in the middle of upscale residential development in the Gürzenich district. The first residents moved into the new building in August.

Modern, high-quality, light-filled architecture that blends in harmoniously with the surroundings is the way the senior citizens‘ residence „Am Wingert“ presents itself. The complex consists of several buildings, surrounded by open and green areas, which encourage visitors to meet and socialize. The façade exudes friendly beige and earth tones and gives the buildings a warm, inviting atmosphere. Special attention was given to the design of the outdoor facilities. Wide walking paths, free of steps, and comfortable seating, invite you to relax under the open sky.

Various services for senior citizens are provided at the „Am Wingert“ site, which covers 12,000 square meters: Assisted living/residential living with optional services, inpatient care as well as short-term and respite care. The senior citizens‘ residence also has a public café/restaurant with a range of high-quality dishes from its own kitchen, which can also be reserved for events organized by private individuals and associations. Meals on wheels and catering are an optional service. The complex consists of several buildings, surrounded by open and green areas, which encourage visitors to meet and socialize.

In small, familial living groups with their own kitchenette, the senior citizens‘ residence provides attractive, stimulating care as well as a variety of recreational and leisure activities.
Residential living combined with optional services is particularly appealing for people who would like to enjoy all the advantages of an independent lifestyle but who also still need additional support in their daily lives.
All apartments are equipped with an emergency call system, which makes it possible to call for help 24 hours a day. In addition, a wide range of services are available to all residents, such as housekeeping support, meal delivery service from the in-house kitchen, concierge/security service and participation in the leisure time activities of the residential complex.

The senior citizens‘ residence was built in only 15 months, after nearly four years of project planning including the preparation of the land-use plan.