The SCHÖNES LEBEN Group with its subsidiary compassio has opened the Haus Reeshoop senior citizens‘ center in Ahrensburg, northeast of Hamburg (Schleswig-Holstein). TERRAGON AG developed and built the modern nursing home in cooperation with the Swedish investor HEMSÖ. The range of services includes long-term care, short-term care and general services for senior citizens. The new building with a total capacity for 107 senior citizens replaces the existing nursing home with its current capacity of 64. Residents and employees have already started to move into the new building.

At the end of 2018, SCHONES LEBEN Group acquired A+R Group, which had locations in Ahrensburg, Reinfeld and Schongau. Following the acquisition, SCHONES LEBEN Group completed its first new building in Ahrensburg, which has started operations. The vacated area will be repurposed. A building application has been submitted and a residential complex offering services for senior citizens has been planned.

The senior citizens‘ center Haus Reeshoop is impressive with its modern, light-filled architecture that blends harmoniously into its surroundings. Special attention was given to the design of the outdoor facilities. Wide walking paths free of steps and comfortable seating, invite you to relax under the open sky. The pleasant atmosphere also extends to the interior. The Restaurant am Schlosspark on the ground floor is the meeting point and center of the facility. Here, as in the entire facility, great importance was placed on the color scheme and interior design. The facility is centrally located, with shops for everyday needs in the immediate vicinity. The residential units for long-term and short-term care are ready for occupancy.


The SCHÖNES LEBEN Group provides care and nursing as well as comprehensive services for senior citizens who want to lead more active and purposeful lives. Geriatric care, administered by the care specialists compassio and the Gut Köttenich Group, is the core business of the company. Thanks to rental agreements that have already been signed, the SCHÖNES LEBEN Group will increase its capacity to care for over 4,500 senior citizens with residential apartments throughout Germany in the foreseeable future. SCHÖNES LEBEN is a portfolio company of the independent private equity investment company Waterland.