English fact check: COVID-19 vaccination errors & misinformation

Dear Colleagues,

Various claims are currently circulating around the Covid-19 vaccination and its consequences. We would like to address these based on current scientific knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have further questions.

English Corona Impfung

The vaccine is ineffective because residents can still get infected.

Vaccination reduces the risk of contracting Covid-19. As a result, vaccination saves lives and also prevents the overloading of hospitals. At this point in time, it is not yet clear whether the vaccination will prevent the infection of other people. However, experience with other vaccinations suggests this. It is still not clear how long immunization will last.

An RNA/DNA vaccine is genetic manipulation in humans

No. According to the current state of knowledge, the risk of RNA/DNA vaccines being absorbed into the DNA of human body cells is not considered to exist.
In humans, the genetic material is located in the cell nucleus in form of DNA. Direct incorporation of RNA into DNA is not possible due to the different chemical structure.

The vaccines contain substances that are harmful to health

The Paul Ehrlich Institute examines and evaluates vaccine candidates with the required due diligence as early as the clinical trial phase. Thereafter, regulatory authorities from around the world test its quality, efficacy, and safety at a high level. This ensures that the benefits of a vaccination clearly outweigh the possible risks.

The vaccines contain microchips

This claim is not true. Research on the COVID-19 vaccine is carried out by scientists. Their goal is to develop a high-quality vaccine that protects against COVID-19.

The corona vaccination can cause diseases such as cancer

No such relationship was found in the studies conducted. A vaccine will only be approved if it has been tested on a sufficient number of people and it has been confirmed that its efficacy clearly outweighs any side effects that may have occurred. Even after approval, the positive benefit/risk profile is continuously reviewed.

If the virus mutatesthe vaccine will no longer help

It is true: that mutations in viruses are completely normal. The Corona virus mutates less when compared to the influenza virus. A vaccine that was developed against highly conserved components of the SARS-CoV-2 virus should therefore also protect against other variants in the long term.

Speed was more important than safety in the development of the vaccine

The vaccine that is now approved was developed faster and approved faster than usual. No compromises were made in terms of quality, efficacy, or safety requirements. The acceleration of vaccine development can be explained, in essence, by the fact that a great deal of money is being invested in it, which means that studies can be carried out on a large scale without delay. On the other hand, the regulatory authorities monitor and review vaccine development as quickly as possible. This prioritization allows the researching companies and laboratories to save time and move more quickly from one testing phase to the next.

Subjects have died in the studies

In clinical trials with large numbers of patients, including patients with advanced age and over a longer study period, it is possible that patients may die during the course of the trial. However, this does not mean that this is related to the vaccine.

A legal obligation to vaccinate will be introduced

No. Vaccination against Corona virus is voluntary. However, it is strongly recommended to vaccinate in order to protect not only oneself but the community.