With a cheerful celebration, the senior domicile Haus Michael in Ulm-Böfingen celebrated its 10th anniversary. The occasion was celebrated with guests at the senior citizens‘ residence on 10 April 2019. The speakers focused on the general public and both those providing and requiring care. Society must promote the nursing professions in a positive way. Working with people brings joy, is meaningful and vital for social interaction.

Facility manager Katja Hoffmann welcomed more than 120 guests, including many residents, relatives, employees and guests of honor. „All employees deserve the greatest respect and recognition for the development of Haus Michael over the past 10 years,“ said Hoffmann in her opening remarks. „compassio“ translates as kindness, compassion. This spirit can be felt in Haus Michael: We feel compassion, we try to give our residents a home. In times of a nursing crisis, employers must break new ground and enter new territory, just like many people leaving their home country do in order to build a future with us. These highly qualified employees are part of the team and make compassio a young, dynamic, international and versatile employer and provider of opportunities,“ emphasized Hoffmann.

The Lord Mayor Gunther Czisch extended congratulations from the city of Ulm. „Ulm is a growing city and needs a personalized, broad-spectrum of services for our older citizens. We are open to model projects and are pleased with the comprehensive range of services for senior citizens in the Böfingen area. With the Haus Michael, compassio and the Schönes Leben GROUP, Ulm is home to new, dynamic companies. They continue to generate positive publicity for social professions. Nursing professions bring joy and are meaningful,“ Czisch appealed to those present.

Marc Hildebrand, Chairman of the Management Board of the parent company SCHÖNES LEBEN Group, thanked the employees who have devoted some 10 million hours to the people in the facility over the past ten years. He went on to say that the problem associated with changing demographics will intensify in the coming years. This will mean that aging will require a new way of thinking. „The SCHÖNES LEBEN Group provides answers and is committed to making life more enjoyable for older people in Germany. This also includes residential accommodations and other services in addition to care and nursing,“ says Hildebrand.

Peter Krames, who is responsible for Haus Michael as regional manager, emphasized: „In the future every person and hand will be needed in the workplace, especially in the field of eldercare. Volunteering and civic action will therefore be in greater demand than ever before. In a gesture of gratitude and recognition, Peter Krames presented the facility with a monetary gift.

A special thank you with flowers was presented to Rosalie Eisenbarth, who has been living in the Haus Michael for ten years and is also involved in the house community as chairperson of the home advisory board. An afternoon of interesting conversation came to an end with champagne, refreshments snacks and a birthday cake. The Ulmer Pop Choir accompanied the celebration with lively song performances, creating a festive mood.

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Peter Krames, Member of the Management Board, Region Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, Katja Hoffmann, Facility Management, Haus Michael, Marc Hildebrand, Chairman of the Management Board, SCHÖNES LEBEN Group, Axel Mau, Managing Director, SCHÖNES LEBEN Group, Gunther Czisch, Lord Mayor of Ulm